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Welcome to THE ANATOMY OF EVOLUTION, a multimedia educational resource on evolution for secondary school learning.

This website was created to help UK secondary school students aged 11 to 18 years understand the science behind evolution that is currently taught as part of their biology coursework, homework and exams. As well as explaining evolution and the mechanisms behind it in an interactive way, the website also explores the anatomical similarities and differences between us and the great apes (bonobos and chimpanzees) that have occurred as a result of evolution. The website includes a variety of illustrations, audio, video and interactive 3D models to help aid autonomous learning, most of which are freely available for anyone to download, print (or even 3D print!). Learning outcomes are also provided on each page in Evolution 101 to outline what UK secondary school students are expected to know for their biology coureswork and exams.

To get started please either browse the image links below to view any particular areas you are interested in or use the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

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Need a quick biology lesson?

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What is evolution?

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How do we compare to our closest relatives?

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How bonobo are we though?

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What sounds do bonobos and chimpanzees make?

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