This website and accompanying art was created as part of Hannah Newey's dissertation project for her Masters in Medical Art.


Humans share 99% of their DNA with bonobos and chimpanzees (great apes), making them our closest living relatives. However, according to a recent study, humans are more closely related, anatomically, to bonobos than the chimpanzee, making them the best example of humankind’s living ancestor (Diogo et al, 2017). How then are we so similar to bonobos and yet so different? Evolution.

Evolution by natural selection is one of the best validated theories in the history of science, and is currently taught in UK secondary school education (ages 11-18). Yet there are limited free multimedia resources available to aid in this learning. In an effort to improve these resources, this THE ANATOMY OF EVOLUTION website on evolution was created. As well as explaining evolution and the mechanisms behind it in an interactive way, the website also explores the anatomical similarities and differences between us and the great apes that have occurred as a result of evolution. The website includes a variety of illustrations, audio and interactive 3D models to help aid autonomous learning, all of which are freely available for anyone to download, print (or even 3D print!)